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How can you participate?

To participate in the aid projects of the Switzerland - Pa'i Puku Association, you have the following options:

  • To become "ordinary" member, "friend" member, or "benefactor" member of the Association, by signing and returning the "Adhesion Form" which is at the bottom of the page (PDF file). For the definition of "ordinary", "friend" or "benefactor" membership, please refer to the Minutes of the first General Assembly.
  • To godfather or finance partly or fully one of the projects.

These two options can be combined.

The bank account of the Association Suisse - Pa'i Puku is as follows:

Banque UBS AG Zuerich (pour UBS SA, Sierre)
No de compte 0268-518912.01B (compte en CHF)
IBAN CH39 00268 26851891201B
CCP 80-2-2
(postal BV at the bottom of the page, PDF file)


The Association remits to the Center the amounts received, without deduction. A receipt on the Association's letterhead paper, is sent to the donors for the amounts other than the yearly "cotisation".
This receipt can be used when filing the Income Tax Declaration (donation to humanitarian aid) at least in most cantons.

After a few weeks, a receipt on the Center's letterhead paper, for the equivalent amount in local currency (guarani, 1 USD = about 4'000 guaranis) will be sent to the donor by the Association. This receipt is the proof that the funds have been used for the agreed purpose.

Tax exemption

The Association complies with the requirements to obtain tax exemption, in line with the Tax Law of Canton du Valais dated 10 march 1976, article 79, letter f). Donations in cash or in kind can therefore be deducted on the Income Tax declaration, for up to 20% of the net income, for the communal tax, the cantonal tax and the IFD (impôt fédéral direct).
The Tax Administration of the Canton Valais has placed our Association on the list of Tax-exempted associations, as of 2010. (copy of their letter in PDF at the bottom of the page)

Audit of the Association's accounts: 

The Association's accounts as kept by the "Cashier", are checked by an auditor on a yearly basis and can be obtained by the Association's members. Please refer to the "Statutes" and to the "Minutes of the General Constitutive Assembly" which are found under the title: "Who are we ?"

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