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Who are we?

The Switzerland - Pa'i Puku Association was established on the 10th May 2009, by five founding members, in order to officialise the material aid already provided to the Center of Pa'i Puku since early 2007. This material aid main objective is the production, on the site, of food for the residents (milk, yoghurt, cheese, vegetables, meat, drinking water) and the purchase of the necessary food for the 500 residents

The Committee of the Association is:

  • Jacques Bille, President
  • Michel Clavien, Vice-President
  • Eduardo Nüesch, Member
  • Irma Nüesch-Lahaye, Member
  • Cinzia Maschiette, Member
  • Myriam Studer, Member
  • Michel Andrey, Member
  • Nathalie Hugon, Member
  • Cloé Vianin, Member


On 10th May 2009, amounts totalling USD 37'530 (CHF 41'700) had already been sent to the Center or its residents, for financing projects, mainly the purchase of milk cows (a breed of the local zebu and Dutch cows). Since 2007 and until the end of December 2016, more than CHF 425'000 have been invested in various projects to improve the quantity and quality of the food consumed by the residents, and to improve the quality of the drinking water. Also in "godfathering" those children in difficult situation, such as orphans or abandonned children. "Padrinos" and "Madrinas" in Switzerland and Germany, participate for 60% of the yearly costs of these children.

At the bottom of this page, you will find two PDF documents, being the Association's "Statutes" as well as the "Minutes of the first General Constitutive Assembly".

Our objective is to increase the number of the Association's ordinary members, members "friends" or donors, all of them being in favor of our various projects to assist these disadvantaged children. These members accept to pay an annual membership fee, which allows to settle the running expenses of the Association, such as the Internet site, the postal costs, the communication costs and the transfer of funds costs. Some members, private or through "Fondations" have sent important amounts, allowing us to realize the specific projects described in other sections.

The Association has a swiss bank account in its own name, this allows the members or other donors in Switzerland or abroad, to remit their contributions to this account directly. We then group these funds coming from various members or donors, and remit funds to the Center two or three times per year, for specific projects or items budgeted in advance. Thus we limit the bank transfers costs which, with Paraguay, amount to  20 CHF per transfer.

The Center was depending heavily from private donations or contributions coming from Belgium and Luxembourg, but this income has decreased due to the old age of most of these donors. The Managers of the Center are very anxious to obtain funds from other sources in order to finance about 60% of their annual budget and be able to continue. They hope very much that we will bring them such financial, and moral, assistance.

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